Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Answering the call of creation...

The seed sleeps...till creation calls. Silently it implants itself. Thus, when the time comes and the sun discovers her existence...quietly, yet eagerly, she changes.

When the season of her is arrived she shall burst forth. Never again to be darkly silent...no longer concealing her delicate flower.

But, if mother nature shall call her home...she shall gratefully, and without question, lay her bloom to the earth...with great trust that she indeed will rise again, in another season...in a more glorious garden.

Claire Greco c.09/05/2000


  1. Unless a grain falls to the ground and dies,
    it remains just a grain;
    but if it dies, it produces much fruit...
    When a seed is planted, it had to die before it begins to bear fruit. This is one of those life choices we have to make. We have to allow this to happen. If we do, with the Lord's help, we will grow and become exactly what He desires us to be.

  2. Valkyrie...you are a wise young man...must come from inhaling all the fresh breezes off the oceans. I thank you for once again sharing your thoughts on my posts.

    God Bless and be well.

  3. Claire,
    Thanks for your comments on my art blog. Read some of your thoughts and wisdom. You seem to be a sassy gal; will check in from time to time.