Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hello kiddies... 

It's been a long time...hope everyone is well and happy.  So much to tell you about, just have to figure where to start!

Well, for one thing, I am no longer a vegetarian...fell off the proverbial wagon.  I just missed having some chicken or shrimp way too much.   Unfortunately I have to admit that I was feeling better when I was not eating meat...so, I might just one day go back to that.

Jacqueline is no longer living in Italy...moved back and is now a makeup artist living in New York.  She's done some pretty amazing work.  I had the pleasure of being at a photo shoot she was involved with and it was the most fun seeing how it all comes together.  Pretty exciting when you open a magazine and see that little line that says 'Make-up Artist:  Jacque Greco.  

Jacque (as she is known) is very seriously involved with a wonderful guy, Eddie Elmi...who is a professional photographer.  They have been fortunate to also work together at different times.  I think they make a wonderful pair.  You'll see pics of them at a later time.

Joseph is now selling real estate.  He's such a natural.  Think this is the perfect profession for him.  So, if  you ever think you need someone out this way...give a shout, he knows his stuff!  Tough business it is...you're always working...nothing comes and just plops down on your doorstep.  I know, I had been in real estate myself...great business but exhausting!

Joseph has met a wonderful young woman...Catherine.  I can never forget the first time he met her...he says to me "Mom, she's perfect...and so super smart and interesting."  Yes, they have many of the same interests.  Both love to read and both challenge each other when it comes to creative thinking (or should that be critical thinking??)  As Catherine graduated with a degree in fine arts she has opened the world of painting to Joseph...and many a time they will spread out the gadzillion art supplies and create some wonderful pieces.  

Oh, did I mention that there is now a dog in the family?  Lulu...a pit-mix rescue that they came home with after volunteering at a local pet shelter.  She was only a few months old and wasn't in very good shape health wise, but they pulled her through...and she's now a big part of the family.

Well, have to close for now, but will be back with some more updates and  pics very soon.  

And, of course, I'm looking forward to reading all the updates from those that also blog on blogspot.

Till then, be well, be happy,

Claire (OWW)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chavez and Ahmadinejad...what a pair...are you feeling the love Joe?

Stay tuned America for the 'Chavez and Ahmadinejad Saving America' show!

Here we go again...Joe Kennedy...pay attention!

Remember a while back (January 2009) I blogged about Joe Kennedy encouraging people to accept oil from 'the good people of Venezuela.' This was, in my opinion, a ploy by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to have Americans think kinder of him and his vicious and hateful ways...and who did he have as his go-to-boy, none other then Joseph Kennedy...an offspring of the Kennedy dynasty; who is wiling to sell himself and the American people to revive what is a dying name in Washington.

Hugo Chavez is now in Iran (this being his 9th visit to his adopted second home) and having talks with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. These little chats are aimed at establishing a marriage between Iranian and Venezuelan oil/gas companies. It pains me to think that over the past five years they have signed pacts that are roughly valued way over $4,000,000,000.00; yes, that is four billion dollars. Scary number indeed...yet no uproar from Kennedy...or Cheney for that matter...and why would there be...party lines become non-existent when it comes to big bucks!

Chavez and Ahmadinejad are in full agreement and support of each others nuclear enrichment. Both these power hungry mongers are only too willing to blame and lambaste Americans for the tensions in the Middle East...which, I might add, has been in existence long before even the first Europeans came and took over the America's (wiping out the buffalo...but that's another whole blog.)

Given Russia's loss of status as a world power...is there any wonder why the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is also willing to break bread with Chavez. Oh yes, the Russians are now planning to build a nuclear power plant in Venezuela...so much for the cold war ending.

In another ten years we will be facing a brand new set of problems...watch for the headlines 'Venezuela lays claim to Russian nuclear power plant and gives the Russian people the proverbial boot.'

Before Russia jumps into this gig with Chavez...it really should take a look at the way Chavez has treated his good friends in 'China.' I'm sure the Chinese would have another word for Chavez and it certainly wouldn't be akin to honorable. If truth be told they too would describe Chavez as difficult and dangerous in the political arena. He has snubbed his closest allies...the man fears no one. Think that might remind one of another wacko that was in awe of himself...Hitler.

Joe Kennedy be ashamed...you are not a credit to the American people. No matter who you are related to by blood, it's who you're related to by ideals that makes you a part of the great American family.

May peace be yours, mine and ours...

Claire / OWW

and visions of sugarplums...

Geeze...I so wanted to blog about a lot of nothing, laced with all cute little stories...but...the darn news keeps getting in my way! What can I say, I just have to share my little take on the state of politics from where I type. I don't think anyone needs reminding I welcome and encourage all to add their input and deepest thoughts on where the planet is headed today...even if you don't agree with me!

Even armchair critics can have an impact on the everyday if they share their thoughts in an effort to evoke change; hopefully that change would be in the spirit of developing closer, kinder and gentler ties with the other inhabitants of this tiny blue planet we call home.

If you never have an opinion then you are just existing. If you have an opinion and fear it's unworthy of sharing, then rest your weary soul, your opinion is as valuable as the next persons.

And that my friend is just my opinion...

Peace to you and yours,

Claire / OWW

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Disguising the real issues of healthcare for 9/11 workers...

Everyday there is talk of this Mosque being built within blocks of where the Twin Towers once stood.

Picture this…you are the Taliban…Alqaeda…Osama BinLaden…a militant waiting for the moment to destroy the values of America…an extremist that doesn’t want to share the planet, but own it’s heart and soul.

Not an easy task is the road of destruction within a country of people united in the belief that everyone is an equal…making no distinction of their race, political view, or religion.

Ah, but, an easy task in a country that allows itself to be divided or allows doubt to be planted within it's heart as to the value of even the simplest of rights.

Look at all this talk of the darn Mosque…people from all over voicing an opinion on what’s right or fair when it comes to building a house of worship within a city that has more blending of bloods then any in the world.

I ask you this…while you are so worried about who is building what…are you as active in voicing your concerns about the health care being denied those there for the clean-up of 9/11?

I live across the river from what was the towers…trust me, their’s was a major task. To this day I can’t imagine how they worked so desperately hoping to find someone, anyone alive…with no proper breathing apparatus to aid them…no proper clothing to protect their own fragile bodies…inhaling the very buildings themselves.

I do believe that those that were there those first few days did indeed carry from that sad place those lost souls within their very being. Not to homes they knew…but within the temples of these brave men and women…who inhaled their spirits and forever more were changed…mentally and physically.

Virginia Rep.Goodlatte said of the workers at ground zero...‘it was their job, no further compensation needed‘.

Texas Rep. Barton said of the workers from ground zero…as to their health problems now…‘the rest of the country shouldn't bear the brunt of paying for New York's problem.’

Should I go on?

Forget the Mosque, it's being used as a powerful political distraction from a very very serious issue.

It's a crying shame that this is front page. Make front page of the men and women who need your help today and tomorrow…and however long it takes.

Make front page of those that serve this country and make sacrifices every day.

I, like many others in this area, knew people that vanished on that terrible day. I remember as a young girl passing the construction site and thinking...how high can you really build a building.

If I were one of those souls stolen by hatred…I think I might be asking:

Why aren't you all doing everything in your power to help those that searched for even one trace of me...for they labored under the most harsh conditions…they cared not for themselves as they dug, tears and sweat, binding to their very bodies…they carried me within their own being…I am now a part of each…and I make no distinction as to who is what…I only know they searched and found me…not as you would recognize, for I had changed as all do within death…I have been delivered from the pit of hell by another of God’s mortal angels…make me proud…prove that I did exist and live in a free and welcoming country…embrace the well-being of my angels.”

Of course this is only my thoughts on how it should be viewed.

God Bless us one and all...and forgive us as we speak of peace in your name and yet, do quite the opposite most times in your name. Protect the sons and daughters of all who truly fight the good fight in the name of Peace.

I am now stepping down from my soapbox...do hope you all realize that I did have an American Flag right behind me...for that's my protection of free speech.

Peace to you, yours & mine...

Claire / OWW

Moving offending places...matter of opinion...

Back in 1993...Pope John Paul II, asked (or more like directed) a group of Carmelit Nuns (about 14 of them in all) to move their convent from outside the area of what was tragically at one time the Auschwitz Death Camp.

Jewish groups and some survivors found it to be an insult to those that died there at the hands of the Nazis.

Now how does one relate to the other? Surely these Nuns were not there to cause further pain...they were there more as good will ambassadors I would believe.

There will always be divided opinion on what was right...and is compelling one to do what is politically right...really right?



Peace to you, yours and mine,

Claire / OWW

Friday, August 6, 2010

Loving parents don't kill their children...

Enough is enough...there isn't, and never can be, an acceptable reason for anyone to take the life of their child...or anyone else's child.

It seems not a day goes by anymore that the news isn't telling of a parent who has violated the sacred trust of a child...ignoring all the rules of humanity, defying common decency...not satisfied with stealing their very tender breath...but doing it in a fashion that would leave a seasoned soldier, experienced with the possibility of death, cringing to the very core.


But also tragic are those that find excuses for these unworthy bearers of life.

Families of some of these children (and perhaps grown-up friends that these children may have thought to be wise) for their own lack of courage and fear of guilt by association, refuse to face the sad reality that a person they knew, liked, or might even have loved, was capable of such unspeakable cruelty, offer up pathetic excuse after excuse. All too often these cowards, that dare admit same, will utter 'she/he was such a good parent', loved her/his children dearly', 'put their children above all else', 'was a devoted parent.'

No no no...none of that is true...loving parents are never so selfish that they would deny their children their own time in the sun...the right to grow old...the right to decide which paths they will follow...the right to simply inhale the next moment in time.

I, unfortunately, do know a woman that stole her two children's lives. Children so young and innocent that their greatest decision was which toy to play with...that simple decision never to be decided again.

Never again, do I see a mother pushing a stroller, with another child skipping alongside her, that I don't think of Kara and Randy...unaware that in a very short time...this woman they knew as mother...would brutally...selfishly...make this their last moments without fear...ending their lives before they have even crossed a street by themselves.

It's been a few years now...but August will never again be the same...I will never again think that all is well just because it appears to be.

I promise never to feel tolerant or allow any excuse for violating the rights of a child (any child) or bringing unimaginable fear to their very fiber.

Kara and Randy deserved to outlive their mother...it was their right, unless called by God...their mother didn't just fail them...or 'lovingly' take their lives...she destroyed all their innocent perceptions of love...even bitter divorces don't usually accomplish that.

Please...next time you read/hear of a child betrayed...stand up for that child and allow no excuse...feel no pity for the 'loving' parent that selfishly wants to redefine loving...they are the essence of evil.

Peace, to you, yours, and mine,

Claire / OWW

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ode to a gnat...

There before me lies this blank page...is it crying for enrichment or just silent in the moment.

Does one leave their comfort zone in search of comfort...looking to the faces of the unknown as thought there be a return to the long-ago familiar sound of everyday.

Summer sounds of bouncing balls, shrieks of glee, from youth at play...win or lose, on a summer day...

Burgers, dogs & watermelon, sipping icy drinks & more...soda, water, showers too.

Crowds of people all around, conversations so profound...no one notices who's around.

Kites are soaring above the grass, while some still lying in the grass - but still great joy for those that try.

Little gnats all abound, swatting one does leave its note...but not in word...how do I say, never again will that little gnat bite...I've given end to it's very life.

Sneakers, sandals, running shoes, flip-flops adorned with little jewels...barefoot dancers lose their shoes.

Young and old and in between...no one minds what will be seen.

Scooters, bikes and hoola-hoops, picnic tables for those who cook.

It's sunny and hot...tall and leafy shaded trees welcome in the faintest breeze.

Flags are flying, none half-mast...glorious monuments of wars that passed.

These are the signs of living life...no tricks of cameras needed here...the planet holds her own so clear.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mario Carazo and James Weis...inherit the universe On July 22, 2010...

And you Dotzie...reminding me this night of Mario...a son of someone...a dear friend of another...another young man with dreams larger then the living universe.

I am reminded of this young man...Mario Carazo...a cadet at Annapolis...blessed with the friendship of Sarah...who would take him and other young men into her home when home for them was far away. He was gracious and charming...and dared to show off his appreciation of Sarah by showing her visiting aging friends around the town. We laughed with him, we danced with him, we admired his determination...and when the evening was ended we bid Mario good-bye, thanking him for his time and wishing him the best of the best.

It's years later now...and Mario should be sharing with Sarah his tales of growing up...but that won't be. He has not another day to share his thoughts, concerns, good days, or even tough days. His story is only to be retold in memory by those whose life he touched...

Mario was sent to Afghanistan...it was there, on July 22, 2010, he was to hear the voice of God...calling him home...not to Springfield Ohio...not to the shores we all share...but to the warmth of eternity. God blessed Mario with the gift of remembrance by many...good memories of a young man with dreams larger then the universe...and, in particular, by a few aging friends of Sarah.

And, on that same day, another young man would hear his name whispered... James Weis...a son of the great state of New Jersey...a Jersey shore kid...he would no longer lounge on the edge of the surf...no longer inhale the scent of ocean breezes or the smell of Barnegat Bay. He will be remembered though...each and every time his name is mentioned...his memorabilia of youth passed touched or passed on for safe-keeping to someone dear...he thrives in eternity with all others that heard their name whispered and stopped the very breath they were to inhale and returned to the Father.

Bravery is not to be learned...it's simply a part of who a person is...not discovered till time calls upon them for exhibition...

Peace...to you, yours and mine,

Claire / OWW