Tuesday, October 19, 2010

and visions of sugarplums...

Geeze...I so wanted to blog about a lot of nothing, laced with all cute little stories...but...the darn news keeps getting in my way! What can I say, I just have to share my little take on the state of politics from where I type. I don't think anyone needs reminding I welcome and encourage all to add their input and deepest thoughts on where the planet is headed today...even if you don't agree with me!

Even armchair critics can have an impact on the everyday if they share their thoughts in an effort to evoke change; hopefully that change would be in the spirit of developing closer, kinder and gentler ties with the other inhabitants of this tiny blue planet we call home.

If you never have an opinion then you are just existing. If you have an opinion and fear it's unworthy of sharing, then rest your weary soul, your opinion is as valuable as the next persons.

And that my friend is just my opinion...

Peace to you and yours,

Claire / OWW

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