Saturday, August 7, 2010

Disguising the real issues of healthcare for 9/11 workers...

Everyday there is talk of this Mosque being built within blocks of where the Twin Towers once stood.

Picture this…you are the Taliban…Alqaeda…Osama BinLaden…a militant waiting for the moment to destroy the values of America…an extremist that doesn’t want to share the planet, but own it’s heart and soul.

Not an easy task is the road of destruction within a country of people united in the belief that everyone is an equal…making no distinction of their race, political view, or religion.

Ah, but, an easy task in a country that allows itself to be divided or allows doubt to be planted within it's heart as to the value of even the simplest of rights.

Look at all this talk of the darn Mosque…people from all over voicing an opinion on what’s right or fair when it comes to building a house of worship within a city that has more blending of bloods then any in the world.

I ask you this…while you are so worried about who is building what…are you as active in voicing your concerns about the health care being denied those there for the clean-up of 9/11?

I live across the river from what was the towers…trust me, their’s was a major task. To this day I can’t imagine how they worked so desperately hoping to find someone, anyone alive…with no proper breathing apparatus to aid them…no proper clothing to protect their own fragile bodies…inhaling the very buildings themselves.

I do believe that those that were there those first few days did indeed carry from that sad place those lost souls within their very being. Not to homes they knew…but within the temples of these brave men and women…who inhaled their spirits and forever more were changed…mentally and physically.

Virginia Rep.Goodlatte said of the workers at ground zero...‘it was their job, no further compensation needed‘.

Texas Rep. Barton said of the workers from ground zero…as to their health problems now…‘the rest of the country shouldn't bear the brunt of paying for New York's problem.’

Should I go on?

Forget the Mosque, it's being used as a powerful political distraction from a very very serious issue.

It's a crying shame that this is front page. Make front page of the men and women who need your help today and tomorrow…and however long it takes.

Make front page of those that serve this country and make sacrifices every day.

I, like many others in this area, knew people that vanished on that terrible day. I remember as a young girl passing the construction site and high can you really build a building.

If I were one of those souls stolen by hatred…I think I might be asking:

Why aren't you all doing everything in your power to help those that searched for even one trace of me...for they labored under the most harsh conditions…they cared not for themselves as they dug, tears and sweat, binding to their very bodies…they carried me within their own being…I am now a part of each…and I make no distinction as to who is what…I only know they searched and found me…not as you would recognize, for I had changed as all do within death…I have been delivered from the pit of hell by another of God’s mortal angels…make me proud…prove that I did exist and live in a free and welcoming country…embrace the well-being of my angels.”

Of course this is only my thoughts on how it should be viewed.

God Bless us one and all...and forgive us as we speak of peace in your name and yet, do quite the opposite most times in your name. Protect the sons and daughters of all who truly fight the good fight in the name of Peace.

I am now stepping down from my hope you all realize that I did have an American Flag right behind me...for that's my protection of free speech.

Peace to you, yours & mine...

Claire / OWW

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