Friday, August 6, 2010

Loving parents don't kill their children...

Enough is enough...there isn't, and never can be, an acceptable reason for anyone to take the life of their child...or anyone else's child.

It seems not a day goes by anymore that the news isn't telling of a parent who has violated the sacred trust of a child...ignoring all the rules of humanity, defying common decency...not satisfied with stealing their very tender breath...but doing it in a fashion that would leave a seasoned soldier, experienced with the possibility of death, cringing to the very core.


But also tragic are those that find excuses for these unworthy bearers of life.

Families of some of these children (and perhaps grown-up friends that these children may have thought to be wise) for their own lack of courage and fear of guilt by association, refuse to face the sad reality that a person they knew, liked, or might even have loved, was capable of such unspeakable cruelty, offer up pathetic excuse after excuse. All too often these cowards, that dare admit same, will utter 'she/he was such a good parent', loved her/his children dearly', 'put their children above all else', 'was a devoted parent.'

No no no...none of that is true...loving parents are never so selfish that they would deny their children their own time in the sun...the right to grow old...the right to decide which paths they will follow...the right to simply inhale the next moment in time.

I, unfortunately, do know a woman that stole her two children's lives. Children so young and innocent that their greatest decision was which toy to play with...that simple decision never to be decided again.

Never again, do I see a mother pushing a stroller, with another child skipping alongside her, that I don't think of Kara and Randy...unaware that in a very short time...this woman they knew as mother...would brutally...selfishly...make this their last moments without fear...ending their lives before they have even crossed a street by themselves.

It's been a few years now...but August will never again be the same...I will never again think that all is well just because it appears to be.

I promise never to feel tolerant or allow any excuse for violating the rights of a child (any child) or bringing unimaginable fear to their very fiber.

Kara and Randy deserved to outlive their was their right, unless called by God...their mother didn't just fail them...or 'lovingly' take their lives...she destroyed all their innocent perceptions of love...even bitter divorces don't usually accomplish that. time you read/hear of a child betrayed...stand up for that child and allow no excuse...feel no pity for the 'loving' parent that selfishly wants to redefine loving...they are the essence of evil.

Peace, to you, yours, and mine,

Claire / OWW


  1. this does break you heart, and the feeling of helplessness that clings that there wasn't something we could do, why didn't we see in time, that we can't prevent what has happened to so many children blackens our days. deprives us of our last vestages of innocence.

  2. Hello again Ginger...

    These are the questions that forever go unanswered...

    May all the children whose lives have been stolen be spared the indignity of excusing those that dared to rob them of tomorrow.