Monday, August 2, 2010

Ode to a gnat...

There before me lies this blank it crying for enrichment or just silent in the moment.

Does one leave their comfort zone in search of comfort...looking to the faces of the unknown as thought there be a return to the long-ago familiar sound of everyday.

Summer sounds of bouncing balls, shrieks of glee, from youth at or lose, on a summer day...

Burgers, dogs & watermelon, sipping icy drinks & more...soda, water, showers too.

Crowds of people all around, conversations so one notices who's around.

Kites are soaring above the grass, while some still lying in the grass - but still great joy for those that try.

Little gnats all abound, swatting one does leave its note...but not in do I say, never again will that little gnat bite...I've given end to it's very life.

Sneakers, sandals, running shoes, flip-flops adorned with little dancers lose their shoes.

Young and old and in one minds what will be seen.

Scooters, bikes and hoola-hoops, picnic tables for those who cook.

It's sunny and hot...tall and leafy shaded trees welcome in the faintest breeze.

Flags are flying, none half-mast...glorious monuments of wars that passed.

These are the signs of living tricks of cameras needed here...the planet holds her own so clear.

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