Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mario Carazo and James Weis...inherit the universe On July 22, 2010...

And you Dotzie...reminding me this night of Mario...a son of someone...a dear friend of another...another young man with dreams larger then the living universe.

I am reminded of this young man...Mario Carazo...a cadet at Annapolis...blessed with the friendship of Sarah...who would take him and other young men into her home when home for them was far away. He was gracious and charming...and dared to show off his appreciation of Sarah by showing her visiting aging friends around the town. We laughed with him, we danced with him, we admired his determination...and when the evening was ended we bid Mario good-bye, thanking him for his time and wishing him the best of the best.

It's years later now...and Mario should be sharing with Sarah his tales of growing up...but that won't be. He has not another day to share his thoughts, concerns, good days, or even tough days. His story is only to be retold in memory by those whose life he touched...

Mario was sent to was there, on July 22, 2010, he was to hear the voice of God...calling him home...not to Springfield Ohio...not to the shores we all share...but to the warmth of eternity. God blessed Mario with the gift of remembrance by many...good memories of a young man with dreams larger then the universe...and, in particular, by a few aging friends of Sarah.

And, on that same day, another young man would hear his name whispered... James Weis...a son of the great state of New Jersey...a Jersey shore kid...he would no longer lounge on the edge of the longer inhale the scent of ocean breezes or the smell of Barnegat Bay. He will be remembered though...each and every time his name is mentioned...his memorabilia of youth passed touched or passed on for safe-keeping to someone dear...he thrives in eternity with all others that heard their name whispered and stopped the very breath they were to inhale and returned to the Father.

Bravery is not to be's simply a part of who a person is...not discovered till time calls upon them for exhibition... you, yours and mine,

Claire / OWW

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