Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hello kiddies... 

It's been a long time...hope everyone is well and happy.  So much to tell you about, just have to figure where to start!

Well, for one thing, I am no longer a vegetarian...fell off the proverbial wagon.  I just missed having some chicken or shrimp way too much.   Unfortunately I have to admit that I was feeling better when I was not eating meat...so, I might just one day go back to that.

Jacqueline is no longer living in Italy...moved back and is now a makeup artist living in New York.  She's done some pretty amazing work.  I had the pleasure of being at a photo shoot she was involved with and it was the most fun seeing how it all comes together.  Pretty exciting when you open a magazine and see that little line that says 'Make-up Artist:  Jacque Greco.  

Jacque (as she is known) is very seriously involved with a wonderful guy, Eddie Elmi...who is a professional photographer.  They have been fortunate to also work together at different times.  I think they make a wonderful pair.  You'll see pics of them at a later time.

Joseph is now selling real estate.  He's such a natural.  Think this is the perfect profession for him.  So, if  you ever think you need someone out this way...give a shout, he knows his stuff!  Tough business it is...you're always working...nothing comes and just plops down on your doorstep.  I know, I had been in real estate myself...great business but exhausting!

Joseph has met a wonderful young woman...Catherine.  I can never forget the first time he met her...he says to me "Mom, she's perfect...and so super smart and interesting."  Yes, they have many of the same interests.  Both love to read and both challenge each other when it comes to creative thinking (or should that be critical thinking??)  As Catherine graduated with a degree in fine arts she has opened the world of painting to Joseph...and many a time they will spread out the gadzillion art supplies and create some wonderful pieces.  

Oh, did I mention that there is now a dog in the family?  Lulu...a pit-mix rescue that they came home with after volunteering at a local pet shelter.  She was only a few months old and wasn't in very good shape health wise, but they pulled her through...and she's now a big part of the family.

Well, have to close for now, but will be back with some more updates and  pics very soon.  

And, of course, I'm looking forward to reading all the updates from those that also blog on blogspot.

Till then, be well, be happy,

Claire (OWW)

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