Friday, February 20, 2009


What a great surprise in my email today...a note from one of the Hangout Kiddies (as I would refer to them.) Ron, most commonly known as The Toop sent me this picture...I sent this out a few years back (okay, maybe more then a few) honoring each of the kiddies in the group.

This is a great reminder of so many that were taking part in the day to day chitchat of the Hangout. This fine group shared so much and still do. Though sometimes one might be a 'missing in cyberland person'...the group was always there. How great is it to find so many people, from all walks of life, that find something in common. I doubt if any two were alike.

And as Toop pointed out...some of those that are named above are no longer with us...they have gone on to a far greater place, one that we have not yet been invited. May we always remember them for their fine gift of friendship.

The Hearts picture below was created by Dotzie aka Backwoods Woman. I don't think Dotzie ever missed an opportunity to send out an email that would celebrate the group...and if she dared left out a name...she was reminded tenfold. How she managed the kiddies still amazes me...I doubt anyone didn't feel like she was a member of their family in some fashion (yep, including being yelled at for not behaving...of course, that didn't mean she was behaving!) I am wondering now if there is anyone in the group that she didn't get to meet in person.

Toop also sent me a copy of one of the Trees that is put together each year...again, no name left off...there was always room for one more Christmas decoration...
I have fond memories of this group...and I love sharing them. Thanks Toop for your wonderful contribution to my Blog...I trust you will always be our knight in shining armour (we just won't ask the wife what she calls you hehe)...aww she loves the big OLE guy...wait till you see him in full dress.

Have a wonderful weekend kiddies...and all you other kiddies out there...



  1. Justin...the people in this group come from all different parts of the country. I love the diversity and yet sameness you find after you have had the chance to know a person.

    Thanks for your visit again...and I look forward to reading your next piece.

    Go to Justin's's worth the visit.


  2. Hey Clairzy, Very nice piece on the Hangout Crew. Glad Sir Toop sent you the pictures. I still have the garden one you did. Had it framed for a longtime. Lots of memories for me in those pictures. I didn't meet everyone in the Hangout...but, I did meet most. These people had the exceptional gift of humor. They could find humor in all things.
    Those were the days, my friend!!
    Keep em coming Clairzy!!! I'm an avid fan.

    Your always friend,
    The Backwoods Woman

  3. Dotzie,

    You don't give yourself enough bring out the insane in people...only they think it's humor. Who else could have me standing outside a smut shop as a lookout in the middle of Times Square???? Ooh and let's not forget the poor cabbie...

    Tata lady...

  4. LOL...I had an advantage. Those people would never see me Talk about a fun day!!! I loved every minute of it. One of these days maybe we can do it all over Will never forget the episode it the taxi....OMG!!! How funny was that!!!