Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just my opinion...Rush the holier then thou guy...

Rush Limbaugh...the guy who wishes President Obama's plan for our future will fail.

Darn...whatever happened to 'let's all pull together' I don't really care who anyone has voted for...nor what their political leanings are...but, I would hope they wanted the country to get back on it's feet and move forward, no matter who sits in the big oval office.

Rush had nothing kind to say about those that were addicted to prescription drugs...he thought of them as weaklings. Ah, but then, lot and behold the great Rush Limbaugh is himself exposed as a prescription drug abuser...and his becomes a sad tale of unbearable pain...not like those other common people...wimps that they are in the world of Rush Limbaugh the Great.

He thinks of himself as superior and worthier of greater applause...and those that don't share his view he sees as ignorant. Humble will never be a word used to describe this man...not in any way, shape or form.

I am hopeful that his audience will see him as the self-serving man he is. Pity is the word I have for him. He is a pompous bore...unable to handle the reality that he is not a god. Again, this is just my opinion...



  1. Irony, cullin of the deer to Palin's execution of the wolves to Limbaugh's hateful wishes ... similarities ... some of the worlds dumbest ideas, to go with some of america's dumbest people.

  2. Gee Jacqueline...I think I can come up with a few stronger words to describe the lack of humanity when it comes to destroying animals for all the wrong reasons. Food will always be a legitimate reason to hunt...as would clothing for those that live in areas where modernization is not a part of their everyday.

    Never do I understand or condone the elimination of wildlife habitats for the mere pleasure of developers to spread concrete like it's natural to the planet. I am not a tree-hugger...but I certainly can understand their passions for savings parts of the great dwindling outdoors for those creatures that cannot lobby the big guys in Washington.

    Peace...love my little delicate flower...