Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lenten update...

Well...I have surprised myself! I am still being true to my commitment of not eating any meats during this Lenten season.

I don't think in all the years I have been on the planet (and they number quite a few) I have eaten so much fish. I have expanded my tastes.

In the past I have limited my seafood choices to either lobster or shrimp. Who would believe that I would be making real fish! I go to this wonderful fish shop...owned and operated by an Italian/Egyptian couple. They are educating me in the art of selecting and cooking fish. I must admit I am not an easy student. I am still resisting buying a whole fish or even one that still has it's bones. But hey, someone has to keep the fish people (okay, made up that title) in practice.

To be honest, I am not really missing the taste of meat as I am it's texture. There is no real chew thing to eating seafood...that is the part of eating meat I miss. Or, I should say, I did miss...no more! I have replaced the need for that type of texture with the saute and breaking of freshly baked brick oven breads. Oh my goodness...I doubt if I will ever have that strong urge to go back to meat.

I am now eating quite differently...and no, I have not added beans to my diet. I cannot seem to get over my dislike of most beans. The closest I come to that vegetable is the string bean. I have in the past planted them in my garden and I might possibly add a few more this year.

Tomato is always going to be my very favorite...I can take one right off the vine and eat it like it's candy. And how I love fried green tomatoes...I can barely handle the decision of picking them while a rich green color or allowing them to become ruby red. Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a gardener.

Well, back to my lent stuff...my daughter Jacqueline is so happy that I am being a vegetarian, for however long it may last. She is now a vegan. I doubt if I could go that far, I enjoy having dairy products way too much. Nothing like some fresh mozzarella with freshly picked tomatoes and crisp garlic...oh, let me stop there...I am making myself crazy.

Must close now...do hope you all have a safe and wonderful week!



  1. isn't the basic purpose of lent is to suffer and sacrifice - hum sounds like you are having a pretty good time of it.
    one more week. try your fresh mozzarella with freshly picked tomatoes with fresh basil....

  2. when something feels right, everything falls into place ... and this was one of the easiest decisions i ever made.

    plus i hate dairy anyway ... so i'm sure that helps out! ;P