Saturday, January 17, 2009

the big 'OLE' bailout....yeah right.

Bailout...a legal way of taking the hard earned dollars of taxpayers and giving the 'big OLE beautiful kids of high finance' their not-so-well earned bonus/retirement/pension/etc. etc. etc. packages. Of course, these are the same people that by comparison have given less, dollar for dollar, into the tax coffers (you just have to love that they are also given monies to hire financial advisers.)

With that said, if you're not too delicate about Bush stuff (and, if you are...get a grip, about time we learn not to fear calling things what they are...a spade is a spade, a shovel is a shovel...and a rose is a rose, etc. etc. etc., consider taking a look at Peter Cohen's comments on As to which color I am...not red, not blue...and certainly not the color (whatever that might be) of follower.

If all the 'little people' worked a 'little slower' and 'borrowed a little more from petty cash' I'm pretty sure a pink slip would have been handed them...not a multi-million dollar payment as incentive to do the jobs they were hired for (at pretty hefty salaries) in the fashion it was suppose to be done.

Is it possible that those that are in charge...and thus, in charge of business failing...are not taken to task...held responsible for the loss of jobs by people who with all earnest try to do the best job and take pride in their work (at salaries that don't always keep up with actual cost of living)...what a train wreck this system is!

I am tired of hearing bailout. Tell me that you have first fired (without quadrillion dollar payouts) those that 'need' further incentive to do their job...for self-satisfaction and genuine pride is not enough for them. Tell me you have let go of the nonsense bennies. Instead of giving a huge bonus to the guys at the top who have the company hanging by a thread...reach out to the workers and reward them for hanging in there and striving to keep the company, and their jobs alive.

This is just the opinion of one old woman...but you know careful. I might one day hit one of those mega lotteries...and, if I take over your company, the first to go (without big bucks) will be the 'kids at the top' who need their delicate little bottoms cushioned.


  1. Clairzy, I am really proud of you!!! Can't wait to see what you will come up with next. Love the garden piece. Keep em coming, MY FRIEND.

  2. Thanks sooooo very much are such a great booster, I am one of the luckiest ladies to have made your acquaintance way back when.

    For anyone reading this I'll have a post up soon telling all about this woman that I have knicknamed the Backwoods Woman.

    Love you much!

  3. When I read this blog I had no doubt you are still the writer I knew back when..I still have the poem your wrote for my Aunt hanging in my always had a way with words...Remember the trip to Maryland!!!
    Afriend from the past across the bridge..Love Jennifer

  4. wonderful to have a note from you. I often think of your Aunt Lucy and still I keep the card she sent me. I would love to put a note on my page about her...with her picture and the piece I dedicated to her, all with your permission of course.

    What is the old clique...we must do lunch...well, for real, we must do lunch!

    If you have a picture of your self lady put it on here please...I am hoping to have a story up soon about the group...and hoping they might allow some pics too.

    Look forward to being in touch with you soon...and thanks for the wonderful surprise.

    And how could I ever forget the trip to Maryland...and you wanting me to stand up (through your sunroof) and waive my scarf...of year, this all needs to be told!

    Love and best wishes to you and Ben...