Friday, January 16, 2009

Miracles...alive & well and floating in the Hudson

and to think I thought it was just another day...then along comes another one of those miracle thingies.

The piloting was magnificent. The efficiency of crew, superb. The passengers centered and controlled managing to cheat panic. End result, a near tragedy turned successful lesson in what can be when people allow their 'good' senses to guide them.

Does that ever mysterious Omnipotent lend a hand...I believe so. I do believe, no one leaves this life (as we know it) until their time has come. On US Air Flight 1549 there would be no great whisper...of any of their names...calling for them to stop what they were doing, and return home. There was only their great desire to take today and make it last one more breath. The only thought that, consciously or unconsciously, occupied their minds was that this was not the day they would call home by another name.

My office and cell phone rang with news of this miraculous landing...with great excitement that all on board were believed alive, and yes, great relief that this was not an attempt by evil to steal hearts and souls.

Whatever may have been weighing heavy on my mind earlier in the day now paled. I have lived another breath to see that when life appears to be falling apart it's really only a realignment.

Make a trip to the garden when it looks stark...look real close, the seeds of life are being resown.

Peace to you and yours,

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