Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gas & Oil Pricing...

Okay...let's pay careful attention now to what Chavez is doing down there in Venezuela. This is a dangerous man. Unfortunately, some of our politicians (ummm, Joseph P. Kennedy II, Citizens Energy Chairman) are too self-absorbed in their own wealth and importance to give the real story on the conditions in his country. I am so tired of hearing how the people of Venezuela and their deadbeat President Chavez (geeze Senator Kennedy get real) want to help. Kennedy is quick to point out that "he is personally aware of President Chavez's genuine (my thought...think we need to redefine word genuine here) concern for the most vulnerable, regardless of where they may live."They can't help themselves...unless, of course, Chavez is removed as a power. I might add that I doubt the late President John F. Kennedy would have made this same deal with Chavez.

I realize that people need helping meeting their energy bills, but accepting petroleum (100 gallons per household) is not acceptable. Kennedy will boast how 23 states have been assisted in their needs. May I suggest to Kennedy that he take a lesson in ethics 101 and not make bargains with the devil (likened in this case to Chavez.)

I will not buy CITGO OIL at the pump...I will not prostitute my values for a few bucks (even if the few bucko's might be sorely needed.) But that is my take on all this...we all have to do what we have to do.

While acting as the 'great saviour and guardian of the American people 'and sending oil their way, he is offering his own citizens nothing. He boasts of destroying capitalism in his country, but neglects to admit that without the private interests groups (you remember, those Halliburton guys, etc.) his country would have completely collapsed a long time ago. And now, with oil prices falling...what will the poor man do.

Chavez is not a man of his word...nor does he know how to abide by his own rules. Even China and Russia see that this is not a man that ever a handshake would ever have meaning...nevermind a written agreement. His way of doing business is call the shots on a day by day basis or simpler yet as an explanation, by the mood he's in that day.

Let's hope that with our new policy makers in place the days of Chavez and his type will go the way of the other evil dictators of the past.

Do not underestimate this matter what 'old familiar name' in American politics may try to lead you to believe. He has no interest in aiding the American people, his interests are for Chevez alone.

Well, that is just a quick thought for today as I read of the Dow falling so drastically and oil prices rising yesterday...thank goodness today they have gone down again (oh these crazy kids and their speculating.)

Don't be alarmed my friends, it's just the old gang not being sure of the new kids in the neighborhood. We will have our day in the sun again, for the sun has always been there...even when it wasn't visible.

Well, will get back to you again on this...let me know what you better education then listening and paying attention to the world around us.

Stepping down from my soapbox may I pray God (or whatever name you may call the Omnipotent of humanity) bless us one and all,



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