Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a great day...

Wow...am I ever impressed. I kept the computer (in my office) set to the Inauguration today. It was wonderful.

President Obama didn't sugar coat the years ahead, he told it pretty straight. I can't imagine how he'll sleep with such daunting issues at hand. What I do know is our President is going to need a tremendous amount of support and patience from his country as there is much to be done...and nothing will happen overnight.

But, we are a great people. We are strongest when we are tested. We are made of a rich and flavorful stock...a country built the hard way...by people that believed in themselves and each other. They knew that to gain much would cost much. They stayed focused on building a positive future for generations to come. Now, we must continue with that same determination, go back to our roots and not only show the world the stuff of our forefathers but make our forefathers proud.

God bless us one and all...

Oh...and was that not the best idea for a celebration...the neighborhood ball! Great!


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