Monday, January 19, 2009


Just as the tree, bidding the autumn goodbye, graciously accepts her journey of death into winter
may you too graciously accept this day in preparation of your journey into tomorrow.

May you emerge in the new season of today, stronger and more magnificent, unafraid of new tomorrows...aware that, those yesterdays delivered the person you are today.

Scarred and scared perhaps, but perfect nonetheless...for you were indeed created in the image of Holiness.

Claire V. Greco c. 2002 OWW/claire


  1. Very well done...
    I think that this is an exquisite poem.
    It reminds one to reflect and trudge forward
    to attain the wisdom that coincides with growth

  2. Way to go Melanie!

    reminds one to reflect and trudge forward to attain the wisdom that coincides with that's poetry!

    Thank you so much Melanie for visiting my blog and, of course for adding your beautiful picture.

    Ummm let me ask, are you in the love, like or tolerate group???

    Miss you much...and look forward to your in-real-time visit back here in Jersey.

    Love you much,

  3. Erisya...thank you for your visit. I am looking forward to meeting and learning more about those that share this wonderful world of cyberspace...

    Be well, be happy and be yourself!

  4. Excellent as always!!! Love reading your words.
    You continue to amaze me. I haven't read everything yet....but, I will.
    As Always...Your Friend...
    The Backwoods Woman

  5. Dotzie...I'm still waiting for the recipe for that pork sandwich...I wasn't kidding...go pester the people in the restaurant!

    Love ya,