Monday, January 19, 2009

Barack Obama...44th President of the United State

God Bless us one and all on this the eve of the swearing in of Barack Obama as our 44th President, and Joseph Biden our 44th Vice President, of these the very strong and intergrity laden United States of America. Indeed may be we for all and all for one. May we all watch over and pray for their families as we would our own.

May we wish our newly sworn in President, Barack Obama, all the blessings of faith...and may his decisions be guided by the purity of integrity, strength, courage, hope, and last but not least in may Vice President Biden give the support and encouragment needed to lead our people in these most difficult times.

As the darkness of the night brings us into the glorious light of the morning...pray that we all will have a resurrection of none before. That our future be one of great celebration as we share this new life...which begins with each breath.

Think of the night as a small journey into the darkness of death...and so, always cherish the moment of waking.

May we all keep watch over the new day and hold those that are now in times of great need close to our hearts.

For if we forget that we are indeed our brother's keeper, then the night shall never give way to the light...and oh, what a marvelous light it is.

Christ's peace be with you all...OWW/Claire

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