Sunday, January 18, 2009

The years they pass so quickly

The years they pass so quickly. Where did they go?
Where are all the flowers from so long ago.
I looked to the garden, and what did I see... another friend that sat by me. Not in the way you'd usually think... but more in the way the spirit is linked, to the very breath of who I be, to all those I loved...but, no longer see. My Lord is kind, my Father he, gifts me with years, most seldom see. I know that I have been here long, but not so long as heaven's song. My story is not yet complete. I have not finished, know not defeat. The years they pass so many more to go. I'll plant some flowers in God's good garden... love is what I'll sow.

This poem was written for Jen's (Hangout Group) Aunt Lucy...a wonderful sweet woman that adored her niece. (as soon as Jen sends me Aunt Lucy's picture it will be posted)

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