Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smoking and other trials and tribulations of the everyday...

This is a post to celebrate a very dear lady making that big step of quitting cigarettes. Not an easy task if I remember right.

I can only imagine that in today's climate of 'no smoking here and there and just about everywhere' there is a very fine line of wanting to quit and having to quit. Now we all know that giving up cigarettes is a healthy one physically...but, what about that mental part? Let's try to remember that breaking habits aren't easy...matters not if they're good or bad.

Let's try to remember that those that continue to smoke are not sinners or weirdo's...they are just people that 'big business' failed to educate years back on the dangers of tobacco. And while we're on big business making money...don't forget, the government made a nifty bit of change on each person that ever inhaled or just pretended to inhale (not mentioning any names here!)

Soooo, why won't the Government take all those tax dollars and just go full scale into serious talks on smoking...ummmm maybe because those lobbyist type folks down there in our nation's capitol will cut off all those goodies that the tobacco industry doles out to our 'elected' officials. And pleaseeeee you may deny inhaling...but don't even try it when it comes to accepting 'dirty gifts!'

Good luck to all trying to kick the we only have to kick the politico's for their part in your addiction.

Have a great evening...

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