Thursday, January 29, 2009

that pesty dandelion...

This is a little piece I did on the importance of the unimportant.

The dandelion, as common as me, is no less pretty or welcome to see, it's yesterday's flower that tempted me.

Oh, but to be that child again, where carefree and innocence all began, as I played in the meadows time and again.

We tumbled and danced without a care, while giggles and laughter filled the air, the weight of the world was not our care.

Let's gather the flowers my dear friend, for tomorrow might see their very end, now make a bouquet for your very best friend.

Remember these days when bias the row, prejudice kills all beauty that grows, and dandelions never do grow in a row.

As everyone knows, that knows me, even when I don't know myself...the garden is my point of reference when it comes to the everyday of life...

We are all dandelions in some fashion...

I wish you unending wonderful moments in time...



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  2. Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog. There is nothing wrong with drawing trees, How'd you find me?

  3. Clairzy, I loved the dandelion piece and drawing. I do believe that I am part crab grass.