Friday, February 6, 2009

All about the Hangout....

Going back a zillion years (or so it seems) I met a truly wonderful group of people over the Internet. At first, I thought they were just a wacky bunch of faceless people that had way too much time on their hands...but prove me wrong they did!

I unintentionally found my way into a room that was created by a mixed group who all had one thing in common...a serious approach to humor. From the moment I clicked myself in the door I was hooked into their little hangout.

If you could possibly manage to keep up with the dialogue, being furiously typed, you would have sworn these people all lived next door to each other.
Surprisingly I too thought of them as being neighbors after a while. From time to time they would have 'online' parties in a silly named room. They'd celebrate some silly occasion made up in their never-ending quest to make each others day just a little bit brighter. The strange names alone were enough to make you laugh. If you were fortunate enough to really meet any of would find they were in no way related to the names they chose to wear with such pride and ummm dignity!

Each year the "ringleader" of this band of middle-aged AOL'ers would send out a survey to the group asking who they thought was the most or best or worse or a whole lot of other things in all kinds of categories. Some names just screamed out their online you had to have a thick skin for some of the titles...forget about their being a best looking...that would have been too ridiculous...being the person that sent out the most dumb emails was more like it.

But, as I said earlier, they were far from being wacky. These people really do care about one another...sharing their hard times and tears, they are as supportive a family as a family should be. They know how to make a person look forward...when what lies ahead appears to be too painful.

I would like to share more about this group as time goes on...and I will always refer to them as 'the hangout' and it's my hope that some of these wonderful people introduce themselves to you. If you get to know have made a great my friend Dotzie (officially the unofficial 'ringleader') also known to me as the Backwoods Woman...not to be confused with the backward women some of us know only too well...and Jen, who has a sense of humor to die for, but let's not rush into that...Patty and Patti who knew how to take others into their hearts and make the world just a tad bit easier...Ann who knew that a cup of tea was an ideal way to share the moment...Sara, who you knew was just so far over the top that the top had to be turned upside down...can't think of another guy on here like Toop, charming and ever the knight in shining armour...and so many other great and wonderful kiddies.

Have a great evening kiddies...
Clairzy to the Backwoods Woman

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  1. Well Clairzy, Being the ringleader is a kinder term than what the others called me...."The Head Bitch" is what I We had the best of the best of times. Sadly we have lost some of the "Hangout" group...Tely, Kat, Patty and Elaine. Our group was like an extended family. I would be sitting in my computer room....all alone...but when I entered the Hangout...I was never alone. You did a great job describing the Hangout...and the people who frequented it. It was not a place for the faint are a dear dear friend and I miss you. Thanks for the memories. As I always said...."Hello and Welcome to The Hangout."