Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lucy...come forth

You must believe...the hangout.
Thought I would share a piece that I wrote when Jen's Aunt Lucy passed on...Aunt Lucy was like a mother to Jen and saying goodbye was not easy. When I heard of her passing I immediately wrote Jen a note...and dedicated these words to Aunt Lucy.

Lucy...come forth...
When the snow had ended...and the spring burst forth...she took the first step of her journey towards eternity...carefully each step would be measured...perhaps, sometimes skipping a a child in play. But, this child was not in play...she was in transition...there would be no moves forward without the help of yesterday.

Present became too complicated...too muddled in details of what to do...or still had to be done. Slowly would she begin to remember the yesterdays like they were the breath before the last. She knew in her heart that this was a sign...that all would never be the same...that her tomorrow's had indeed changed.

There was quiet knowledge...amid her unspoken thoughts...that soon the last of the spring flowers would be put to seed...the new season of summer with all it's glorious color and warmth would be upon her...and that would become her season of goodbye.

Patiently...and yes, sometimes impatiently, she would seek her reality. So sure she was that time would be favorable, and it was...allowing her to glance back and breath freely the scents of seasons past...thus locking them forever in her be carried into a whole new season...that only those chosen, may enter.

and so it was...that in the early morning...before the sun had even kissed the new day...she was to hear her name called one last time. The voice would be so familiar...and yet, unlike any she had ever heard in her everyday of life as she knew it.

and He whispered...Lucy, come forth...your place is set...the feast of who you were is already begun. Come my daughter...fear not, cry not...your heavenly family is waiting.

and so, Lucy is now in the season of Eternity...and I do believe I hear her say...weep not for me my dear sweet gentle family, my friends...I go not to my death...but to my beginning.

Love to you Aunt Lucy...thank you for a glimpse into the heart of you.

Claire Greco c. 08/25/02

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