Monday, March 23, 2009

Just my opinion...Culling of deer in New Jersey

Just recently New Jersey called for a reduction in the deer population...seems the deer are encroaching onto the residential property of our good citizens. Twenty-five volunteer hunters killed 178 deer (are you ready for this) in an undisclosed location in Morris Township, an area of northern New Jersey. This is the fourth year this one township has staged a culling...doesn't that say maybe they need to cut back on development? (Why keep the exact location a secret if it's legimate need/) they made the hunt legal for these very select twenty-five hunters...but, is it humane to have them armed with bows and arrows? Sure killing is killing, but, isn't it a bit riskier that the animal would suffer needlessly if the 'expert' misses that one little spot? I would have at least made it mandatory that those appointed/selected to take part in the culling would have been expert riflemen (or whatever the best are called.) Yes, they still could have missed, but that would have been less of a risk.

I don't have an argument with it's season...but I do have a problem with overpopulating an area to the degree that the animals have no place to call home. If I were a hunter, I would be greatly concerned that free open spaces are being destroyed by over-development.

Gee...where do we expect them (the deer that is) to go? We keep building development after development without regard to the consequences of it's effect on wildlife. New Jersey is listed as 'The Garden State' yet, it's farms/gardens are disappearing at an alarming rate. We are so heavily populated it's amazing we haven't fallen into one of the waterways that borders this peninsula (yes, we are a peninsula state.)

Hunting should not be a pleasure should always serve a true a source of food, certainly not as a source of creating more real-estate...this is just my opinion.

Peace to you and yours,


  1. These so called expert hunters ... they're not experts, they are just more pitiful worthless rednecks with nothing else to do with their poor excuse for a life than to go around "shootin' sh*t up"

    Give me a break. There is no need for this massive execution. How pathetic is the person making an excuse for this idea to sound needed. The only over population there are THE PEOPLE.

    Like you said stop developing there!

    This goes well with another Pompas Politician Sarah Palin and her ariel shooting of the wolves, which I PROUDLY signed a petition against. (and so should you, Mom! :)

  2. Jacqueline...I am so proud that you have actually created a web page dedicated to the ideals you embrace when it comes to animal rights. I may not always agree with you on every point...but, I am certainly glad to see you defend your views.

    I hope people visit your page and share their opinions with you. And that you, in turn, listen and learn...and thus, gain even more insight into the problem and perhaps solution to this very serious subject.

    Don't be upset if someone disagree with your views on being a's not personal. Instead, ask them to demand that the meat they do eat be strongly and diligently regulated as to tendering of the animals before slaughtering...and that animals not be so cruelly killed (not that there will ever be a nice way to kill)

    Love to my delicate little flower...