Thursday, March 19, 2009

My #1 Daughter...

This is little delicate flower. Jacqueline is one of the major contributors of my aging. At 27 she is so darn independent it scares me (not that I wasn't the same way.) She never played in any of the bands that Joe's friends had, but she did take charge of making sure their haircuts were right with their music. I can remember her shaving the lower parts of some of their heads and giving them punk rock know, the kind where they look like roosters. Her friends always trusted her and her little tweezers.

She has lived in Italy...her father wanted her to learn to speak Italian without an accent. I was not a happy camper...I wanted her home. I missed her so much, when she would call, all of my being wanted to reach through the phone and pull her home. There was never a day I didn't worry.

She finally moved back home and I breathed a bit easier. Jacqueline has schooled in cooking and fashion design...and presently is a makeup artist and living in New York. I use to tell her when she was younger...if you want to wear makeup that's long as you learn to apply it right and don't make yourself look hideous with colors that are meant for a child's canvas. Now she is a fanatic when it comes to skin care...I really am proud of her.

As to her living in New York...not too bad...only two bridges to cross (15-20 minutes.)

I have always called her my little delicate flower...even when she is more like a darn ole pestering weed!

They grow up way too soon...

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