Thursday, March 19, 2009

My #1 Son...

This is my son Joseph...a bit older then the 8 years he was in the hockey 30 he is still my the same little boy to me...not that he would agree.

He had moved to Pensacola, Florida, for a while with some friends...they were deejaying at what they then called underground parties. I shouldn't have been too surprised at the time. Joe and his friends frequently transformed our attic into an open stage for their bands to perform...I can remember them tacking carpet up on the attic ceiling to absorb the sound. And in the warmer months, and weather permitting, they would also set up outside. Sometimes their speakers were larger then the lawn chairs. I never minded the commotion, it was all good clean fun. I miss those days sometimes...must be the insanity of old age!

After Joe left Florida he moved back north...he was always a northeast type of guy.

Joseph is living back home now and I can't really say I mind...I like having him here...even if he does drive me crazy from time to time. But, he has learned to make a darn good pot of tea (before it was always coffee.) I know the day will come when he'll be off again...but, for now, I don't think about that (wow, am I one of those possessive mothers? You know the son, my son.)

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  1. Claire, it is so heartwarming to read about your love for Jacqueline & Joey. You should be very proud of the wonderful job you did (and continue to do) as a Mom. You were always "everyone's Mom" in a way, I think that says something about the huge heart you hide behind the insults to my sweater. <3
    Love and Miss you,
    Meeellllll ( I miss you calling me that)