Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day... it is...the big Ole green day (no pun intended)

This is my first St. Patrick's Day that I haven't had a corned beef sandwich on rye bread! Ooh what a sacrifice this is...what was I thinking when I decided to give up meat for Lent????

Do hope you all had a wonderful wearin' of the green day (again, that darn group creeps in kids...wonder if they put it all together)

Be kind to each other...and remember to look for the rainbow after the's the reminder that we are not abandoned when the skies around us have been stormy.

See you next year...and maybe I'll have a new favorite sandwich for St. Patty's or I'll have the biggest and juiciest corned beef on rye! We'll see...

God Bless us one and all,


  1. we are back in business - is corned beef meet? are you sure?

  2. Claire, good to see your blog again :)
    I was wondering why it was impossible to read new posts in your blog. Now is ok...
    I hope you are fine too, even you have to go through your lenten sacrifice...