Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hockey 101...

Okay...just seems fair that if I am going to put an old winter picture on my blog...with my daughter...then I should give my son equal time...this is a pic from his first hockey game ever...he was all of 7 years old. Imagine...we put a long hard stick in their hands...give them a super hard puck...and completely cover them with padding...teach them how to fall and get back up in a flash...and gain control of that little black puck...then tell them not to be too aggressive....it's only a game! yeah right. Joseph is the ultimate New York Ranger fan....went to his first pro game at the Garden when he was just 4 years old...first playoff game at the tender age of 8...life it tough!


  1. Wow..what a fantastic blog you have going here and you don't look very wrinkled to me!!
    I followed you over from GingerV's blog "Flowers and More". I hope that's okay.
    If you have a moment or two of your life that you don't mind wasting, please visit me at my blog and say hello.
    Take good care and.........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Claire - I did a fancy gyration and got bac on as a follower - But I had to create another ID with Yahoo!!!

  3. Ginger...

    Thanks for taking the time to work back in...I'm going to hope I don't mess this blog stuff up again...I'll just have to be real conservation (ok...slow in going from a-b)

    I just made a quick stopover to your blog and I'm ready to move...

    Have a great Thursday, Friday and the day after that and the ones after that!


  4. Reggie Girl...

    It's amazing what makeup can do! A little bit of this and a little bit of that with a dab here and there...and those wrinkles...they just iron out!

    Let's here it for the makers of Panstick...

    Thanks for stopping by...and I have been to your blog. Enjoyed your little travel log there showing off your Georgia...but where are the peaches?????