Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March snow...

We had about 7-8 inches of snow on Monday night...not too bad. The city roads were cleared within hours of it stopping. Although the schools closed (due to not enough teachers living where they work) kids were out in full force playing.

I put this picture up of my daughter, it's from back in '98 (okay, so I don't take a lot of snow pics) Just thought I would show a typical city street when the snow is first building up. We were quite fortunate here nothing significant to report due to the storm. Thank God for great favors!

Question....whatever happened to kids going around with shovels to earn money???


  1. my daughter was born in Morenci Michgan April 27, '70 - snowed 3 inches that day, we were snow bound in our trailer for nearly a week after comming home from the hospital. don't know why this photo made me think of that.

  2. Ginger...

    My daughter Jacqueline was also born in April...the 9th...that year it was Good Friday. I often laugh because the day my son was born was the day the first Pope John Paul was elected to head the church. I kind of looked at it (at the time)as a good sign.

    Ohhhh those were the days...and they certainly do pass so quickly.

    Have a great week, month, year...oh just have a great life!