Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lent update...no meat...almost a week now!

Wow...I have made it to Tuesday...one more day and I'm at the week mark. Will admit that I am getting a little played out with eating foods that contain cheese. Not that I don't know how to make other foods, just kind of put myself into this 'cheese' rut. I need to pick up some eggplant and make a real dish...with no cheese...but lots of good flavor from spices and olive oil.


  1. ChooseVeg.com, GoVeg.com, and VegWeb.com are great sites to find the tastiest recipes ... that are both vegetarian and vegan.

    Cheese isn't good for you anyway. I wouldn't churn your breast milk fats and eat them and say it was healthy ... so i'm positive that coming from a fuzzy animal definitely isn't healthy.

  2. You should post more about your meatless food adventures, you love to cook, and your creative, i'm sure that would really put you in the vegetarian mood and you'll get a chance to inspire others about what's good on your plate...... who knows, maybe it'll be something you'll stick too.