Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lent Update...

So far so good. I am feeling pretty confident now...I will have no trouble sticking with my Lenten resolution.

Saturday's dinner was really good (if I must say so myself.)

In the morning I baked a very rich dark chocolate cake. I made a smooth dark chocolate icing to top it off. I then outlined the bottom one inch of the sides with a paste made using sugar cookies, I had previously baked, and fresh pecans...mm the smell alone was delicious!

The main course was vermicelli with sauteed garlic in virgin olive oil, fresh lemon, lots of mushrooms and super tender asparagus...crowned with fresh shrimp...just before serving I added freshly grated Parmesan cheese and black pepper. This was not what anyone would call a heart-healthy dish...but, oh so good!

I am determined not to let myself become bored with cooking...never was, and I'm a bit too old now to become a basic foodie.

Enjoy your dinner...and feel free to share any favorite recipe...I'm always open for new ideas/recipes.


  1. this sounds pretty 'sinful' you sure it is allowed during lent?

  2. Ginger...I will have to find a good dessert recipe on your blog...

    I love cooking and baking...and, of course, gardening.

    An edible garden is the best!