Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catching up on the blogs!

Good evening kiddies!

Wow, I have missed a lot...and that's won't happen again. Trying to get to every one's blog before the week is out. So far, it's all good!

Must say, the most colorful belongs to Ginger, down there in Brazil...what a great photographer she is...always something different to see...and, very uplifting. Darn Ginger, I really do need to get a 'real' camera and put some decent pics up here. I'm sure there has to be something in the NJ/NY area worth seeing!

I love the diversity of all the blogs...unless they're trying to sell something...then, I click right off...and move on. If I want to shop I'll go shopping.

Well, closing right hope you all have a wonderful week!

Still haven't quite figured out why the pics aren't coming up of those that are on my list...but, I'm working on it!


Claire / OWW

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