Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti...and it's unending miseries...

So distressing to see the pictures out of Haiti...I can imagine the feelings of helplessness as families search for loved ones...hoping that each stone turned will reveal a new miracle. (It was so like that here on 9/11.)

Kudos to all the relief workers, volunteers and military personnel from all parts of the world...trying so desperately to give the Haitian people something to hold on to.

Faith alone will not heal their wounds...yes, it will sustain them through some of the darker moments...but we do not live on faith alone.

Haiti, sadly, has a history of being 'that poor country in the Caribbean.' It matters not that millions of dollars have been spent over the years to improve the conditions in that country. Nor does it matter that it has had more relief agencies involved in it's welfare then any other country in the western hemisphere. And, it matters even less, that unconscionable sums of money have been spent in attempts to build a stable economy. And why is that? Because, the politics of that region has not way too many decades to count.

Money (and I do mean great sums) has always found it way there...but, never has it found it's way to the poor. The middle class is non-existent in that country. Decent health care is only a dream. Housing...beyond belief that we are in the 21st century. The simple parts of the day, eating and bathing, has never been a simple part of the day.

We all will continue to send money to help 'these desperately poor' people...but, what they need from us...when this immediate crisis indeed faith fulfilled in their future. Faith that all those agencies receiving funds, no matter how small, no matter where it comes held accountable for how they spend it on the people of Haiti.

This is a country with a population less then New York City. I cannot believe that with responsible spending Haiti can't be a thriving economy once and for all...complete with decent housing, education and healthare for it's people. All that is needed is trash politics thrown out...and that should include the trash politics that takes place when the deals are made behind closed doors (and yes, even in Washington.)

Send in your donations...let your government subsidize a rebuilding...but, don't tolerate the same old same old politics that has been in place. DEMAND AN ACCOUNTING OF EACH AND EVERY DOLLAR SPENT!

Make no mistake...Haiti is not the only country being cheated by political's just that this is the country on the front pages of the world today.

God bless you and yours...


Claire / OWW

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