Friday, January 29, 2010

President Obama...state of the union speech....

Sure do wish I could say it was inspiring...but, not really.

Good that money will go to smaller (community) banks...but, if it's as slow as the other programs already in place (stimulus plans in 2009) it won't be of much help. There are small businesses that were approved last year...still many of these small business owners haven't received any checks...resulting in layoffs, or super mounting debt as many had to resort to personal credit cards to see them through.

Glad to see our President addressed the military problem of 'if you don't tell, we won't make a big deal.' There have been countless service men and women, who have served our country above and beyond just talk...and yet, some had to keep secret their own personal preferences...goes very much against our freedoms that Americans fight and die for and abroad. Couldn't help but note that the 'big ole flashy uniforms' in the front section didn't look too pleased...hope that was just their poker faces!

Do hope that both sides of the aisle realize that we're all suppose to be on the same team...Team America. At some point, politicians need to get a grip and put aside their own 'personal, selfish, egotistical' selves and do the job the taxpayers pay them to do.

Happy to see money not being deprived in the area of homeland security and for our good men and women serving our country. Of course, I think that we still have a long way to go...many a person is coming back home and finding that no job exists...or, health care for them and their families...(except for those yokums in Washington)

I will remain optimistic that the country is recovering...slow as it may be.


Claire / OWW

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