Friday, January 29, 2010

The Washington kiddies voting themselves pay raises....

Only in America kiddies...only in America...can a person not perform the job they were paid to do and be given the opportunity to vote themselves a pay increase.

Kiddies, we really do need this situation addressed. When those we elect to represent us in Washington fail to do their job...then they should not be given an increase in pay.

Look at the you think our 'elected' have earned an increase??? Pray tell, what did they do right??? For the love of God and Country I am at a loss on this one...

We may not be in total control of what the money grubbers in banking or on Wall Street can do...but, we certainly should be in control of the taxpayer supported persons playing with our money...and thus, our lives.

You do realize that once a person is elected to office, they will receive a lifetime pension, complete with medical care for the rest of their lives...even if they never showed up one day to perform their duties as representatives of the people of their state...never bothered to be there for many of those important votes...and, always willing to take 'freebies' being offered by lobbyist. (Let's not forget too that many take family and friends (political) along on our tax dollar as they travel abroad on 'business.'

Mr. President...we need to change Washington...give it back to the people to decide if those elected to office are earning their pay...and, don't give huge pension plans because some lucky son-of-a-gun managed to get elected for one term...

That's all kiddies...just a few passing thoughts as our state of the union was addressed by our President.


Claire / OWW

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