Saturday, January 2, 2010


My little delicate flower is off again to Italy...

Jacqueline is off again...on the 10th...has her one way ticket to Italy in hand...leaving her many options on when to return. It's been a couple of years since she was last with her cousins and friends over there.

This past summer she did get to visit with one of her cousins when he flew into New York. That's all she needed to get the thoughts of returning to Italy back into her pretty little head. She has always been so one need push her...she is her own motivator.

Jacqueline was hoping Joseph would join her this trip...but, he was not feeling it. I thought it would have been a good idea too, but, it was his decision to make.

I try not to think about all those thieves out know the ones, they steal your peace of mind and sense of security. Jacqueline maintains a great attitude...she doesn't give any of it a thought. Just goes about her everyday.

Now if someone would ask me how to solve the problem of terrorist...I would say turn them over to the parents of all those lost children.

But, back to little miss happy. Took her shopping before the holidays to redo her wardrobe only for her to decide that she is going to pack light so as not to have to deal with any luggage problems at the airport. (Gee, she couldn't have thought about that before the $$$$ changed hands.) Of course, she has packed enough cosmetics (she's a makeup artist by trade) to make-over the entire population of Rome, Termoli, Montorio and all those other little espresso towns. I think in brushes alone she could have cut world hunger in half.

Each time Jacqueline leaves...she returns with some totally different look. As to clothes, same thing, returns with all new. Of course, I do appreciate that she has excellent taste when it comes to buying bags (pocketbooks) and scarves, always something very different.

Well, it's getting late...and I do want to be up early tomorrow...not for any great reason...just to extend my relax time.



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