Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year...


Where did the time go????? Seems like forever since I last updated by little Ole blog (might even be that for some.)

First, to the important stuff...and that is...wishing you and yours the very best as we move toward a new decade. Do hope you all have been well and enjoying good health.

Some of my wishes for 2010...

- we bathe luxuriously in, without depleting, the riches that are gifted us each breath in time.

- tolerance, kindness, forgiveness, charity and hope be the direction of our faith and open our hearts to unselfish & positive possibilities.

- as the chosen caretakers of this tiny blue planet, may we never cease to search for all it's hidden secrets...without exploiting her glorious being.

- we embrace the simple hero's of the everyday...relying not on the spectacular.

- allow those that differ in color, language, religion be our good from persecution or threat.

We should remember all those that have given of themselves for the good of mankind...without limitation.

As you partake of your daily mindful of those that would think of your scraps as a feast...give to your local soup kitchen and food pantry...they are lifelines for many.

If you are planning to give away clothes...forget those storage bins...give directly to shelters or groups like the Salvation Army. (Also, some 'fund-raising' groups take those clothes you bundle up in 'plastic bags' and leave on your porch and give them to private companies in exchange for very very small donations...your clothes then end up being recycled and sold as rags...not as clothing for the poor or those in need.)

I am so grateful and honored to be part of a generation that has witnessed first hand, the greatness of the ever-shrinking world created by the computer.

Remember to be thankful each morning upon awaking...knowing that the day is new...and, if there be any mistakes made, they shall be correctable, if not, a learning lesson for tomorrow.


Claire / OWW

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