Friday, January 1, 2010

Vegetarian...who would have thought!

Hello kiddies...

Super changes at my dinner table...long gone are the roasts and cutlets...and those homemade Italian sausages. Now it's all about the veggies and sauce.

If you recall it was back in February (2009) that I decided to give up meat for Lent. Never before have I given anything up for Lent that I didn't break the fast within a week, so I had figured I would save one chicken. As the weeks passed and Easter arrived I was surprised how easily I managed my meals without meat.

Surprisingly the real test was in the summer months...barbecue time. In my family the amount of time spent out at the grill was...let's see...every day. My son Joseph and his friend Vinny truly made the best smoked ribs and chicken this side of the Mason-Dixon line. On weekends they would sit for hours on the patio patiently waiting to baste their feast. My neighbors were always commenting how delicious the smells were rising from our grill, over the fences, and into their kitchens.

This is not to say we only cooked ribs and chicken...burgers were always homemade and all meats were well rubbed and marinated with some finger licking sauce. From time to time we would add some fish (usually shrimp or king crab.) And yes, of course, we BBQ our corn, potato, and other veggie of the day. But, no one came for the was the meat that enticed our invited diners. the summer passed...and they lazed in the pool...the grill remained closed. The only food that was eaten outside were some cut up accompany their brews/wine coolers...with an occasional pizza on the side. Finally, the grill was dismantled...replaced by a corner table.

Summer passed into it's time to plan for Thanksgiving dinner. Mmm what does one do? My daughter Jacqueline (a very strict Vegan) introduced us to the Tofurkey. Just picture this...a round ball, made with Tofu, filled with a wild rice stuffing. Flavor was pretty much that of turkey (I was never fond of the taste of turkey.) Didn't feel like we missed much...made all the trimmings that usually fill the table. Well, with one other change...I omitted dairy products as Vegan's don't eat dairy...a Thanksgiving dinner with little, if any, cholesterol.

And so goes life as a vegetarian...will get back with a wrap-up of the year as a vegetarian meets Christmas...


Claire / OWW

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