Friday, January 8, 2010

The riddling of Homeland Security...what’s to figure out…

No one in the White House is willing to hand out pink slips to those that have failed to do their jobs…they are willing to condone the ski trip of Counter-terror (supposed) watchdog Michael Leiter…only in America kiddies!
John Brennan why do you still have a job????? Didn’t you realize that Leiter, and your agency, failed to do what they are paid to do…maintain (and I don’t mean dusting) a counterterrorism desk. Wasn’t it your agency that was ‘trained’ to identify and then ensure the correlation of data from intelligence reports…gathered from around the planet…and ensure such vital information be passed along to all appropriate departments…or did you think the dissemination of vital security information wasn’t your number one task????

Human error…give me a break. That is not an excuse…nor should it ever be tolerated within such broad based, well financed, crucial areas of our Government. I am not interested in hearing your ‘under funded’ stories. Stop spending our hard earned dollar on pork (which as nothing to do with me being vegetarian.) We give out lifetime pensions day in and day out to these ‘human error’ types. Wake up everyone…we are only as secure as we demand our Government make us. I am no longer content to hear your promises…don’t promise me anything…just do your job.

Can you imagine that you have just screwed up on your job big time…and your boss hands you the okay to ‘go relax’ not worry about work…some underling will handle your ‘important’ job. Umm, I think I would be asking why the underling wasn’t replacing you…certainly not an incentive for anyone else to take the job seriously.

Now I don’t claim to have all the answers (in fact, I don’t have any) but then again, you all haven’t selected me to monitor the comings and goings of those that might like to rip your heart out by stealing your sense of wellbeing.

We are over eight years since 9/11...when our everyday life was turned upside down. Christmas Day 2009 should have screamed out to Washington…they’re back and getting more ingenious in their ways to steal life. Mr. President…do not let your citizens down…hold those accountable for this incredulous lax in security…fire them. Send the message that you either do your job or you lose it…and, if you lose it, for failure to perform, then you lose all pension rights…not cuddling ‘the inner circle’…be brave, take that bold new stand the people that elected you expected…

Or, we can just go about our new everyday…looking over our shoulder, hoping that someone sitting next to us, or walking along side of us notices the next wacko that the ‘intelligence agencies’ welcomed to our shores.

Remember, the life you save, just might be someone you love!


Claire / OWW

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