Friday, January 8, 2010

Wow…timing is everything…John O. Brennan, hard at work…

So now, I open my email, just after posting on my blog…and what do I find, an email from John O. Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism (let me catch my breath there please.)

Mr. Brennan is announcing the appointment of Howard Schmidt to be the White House Cybersecurity Coordinator (boy, do they ever love titles.) Now it says that Mr. Schmidt will have ‘regular access to the President’ serving as not just a member, but a key member, of his National Security Staff.

Now I don’t want to say I have no confidence in Mr. Schmidt, (or as John ‘Brennan’ refers to him as Howard), but it does make me a little worried that the guy announcing the appointment was the one that who dropped the ball with the Christmas Day 2009 disaster (and I do mean disaster…let’s not think it wasn’t just because no one was killed this time…that is only to be credited to a guy that realized smoking pants has to be a bit more then a smoking gun.) NOTE: Must be a ton of run-on sentences in there…but I’m not counting…if I had money, I would have an editor!

And, while we’re at it…why is Janet Napolitano still Homeland Security Secretary???? Remember her, she said the system worked…when the nut job tried to blow up the plane on Christmas Day 2009…did she not read the paper…the man made it on to the plane???? It wasn’t the system that worked, it was a guy waiting for his flight to land, and determined not to have it delayed. I mean, being a woman, I’m all for advancing women to higher offices, but really, not when they are incompetent! Step out of the way Janet, there are a great many women out there that would love your job…and do it better…they just don’t have the political clout to get them there yet.

I really should have devoted myself to politics in my younger days…I too might have risen to the top ranks of incompetent something or other. I mean, I do come from Hudson County…oh, but that’s right, we keep it local here.

Make no mistake, I find there to be a genuine need for someone, with experience, heading some kind of Cybersecurity program…I just don’t want to hear later that that person made a ‘human error’ and is not truly held accountable.
Howard Schmidt, I do hope you make us no promises…just do your job as expected…and we can ask no more of you.

Just a thought here…but maybe “Howard” should monitor the emails of Brennan, Napolitano and Leiter. If ever there are persons that can’t figure the scammers from the good guys, these do fit the profile…of course, that’s just my opinion…and who am I, just an old woman in Jersey.

God Bless America…and all her family and friends (including those that aren’t too crazy about us, but not planning to kill us.)


Claire / OWW

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